Oracle Fusion Cloud Deployed by Top Healthcare Organizations for Streamlined Operations

In a bid to bolster productivity, slash costs, and elevate the quality of services offered to both employees and patients, prominent healthcare institutions are turning to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite.
Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications for HealthcareThe technology giant has listed the price of the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite on its website for customers who are looking to purchase.

Baptist Health Care, Springfield Clinic, Stamford Health, and the University of Chicago Medicine are among the latest to transition to Oracle Fusion Applications for various operational facets, including finance, supply chain, HR, and customer experience, marking a significant move towards streamlined operations in the cloud.

Steve Miranda, the executive vice president of applications development at Oracle, emphasized the importance of simplifying complex business applications for healthcare workers.

Steve Miranda stated, “By consolidating disparate business systems and automating processes within a single integrated cloud platform, Oracle Fusion Applications Suite helps healthcare workers dedicate their time to what really matters – delivering the highest quality of health care to improve the lives of their patients.”

Baptist Health Care Enhances Operational Efficiency with Cloud Transition

Baptist Health Care, the second-largest non-profit employer in Northwest Florida, recognized the need to revamp its business operations to align with its mission.

Thomas Della Flora, chief information officer and vice president of Baptist Health Care, highlighted how Oracle Fusion Applications will enable them to enhance operational efficiency, expand business insights, and ultimately elevate the quality of care and service throughout their network.

Springfield Clinic Streamlines Operations to Focus on Patient Care

Springfield Clinic, a leading healthcare system in central Illinois, opted for Oracle Fusion Applications to modernize its business processes.

Rolando Cabral, chief information officer of Springfield Clinic, emphasized how the transition enabled them to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency, empowering employees to prioritize exceptional patient care.

Stamford Health Improves Business Agility with Cloud Integration

Stamford Health, an independent non-profit healthcare system in Fairfield County, Connecticut, sought to modernize its business operations.

Aurelio Gracia Jr., chief information officer of Stamford Health, noted how Oracle Fusion Applications facilitated the consolidation of processes in the cloud, embracing automation to enhance the speed and accuracy of operations, ultimately better serving their community.

University of Chicago Medicine Embraces Cloud Innovation for Enhanced Patient Care

The University of Chicago Medicine, a leading non-profit academic medical health system in Illinois, aimed to accommodate future growth while delivering impactful outcomes for its community. By leveraging Oracle Fusion Applications, UChicago Medicine intends to standardize processes, increase automation, reduce costs, and derive increased business insights to better fulfill its mission and serve patients effectively.

Oracle Fusion Applications Suite offers organizations the opportunity to leverage cloud technology to break down organizational silos, standardize processes, and manage various operational facets on a single integrated platform. With quarterly update cycles, customers gain access to continuous innovation, ensuring they stay at the forefront of technological advancements in healthcare operations, Oracle said.

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