Oracle Eloqua for Manufacturing announced to improve customer engagement

Enterprise IT vendor Oracle today announced Oracle Eloqua for Manufacturing, the latest addition to the Oracle Marketing Cloud, to improve customer engagement.

The company said Oracle Marketing Cloud has industry-specific solutions for insurance, asset management, entertainment, non-profits, life sciences, wealth management and manufacturing organizations.

Oracle Eloqua for Manufacturing is aimed at assisting marketers in global manufacturing businesses to improve customer engagement and increase marketing effectiveness by delivering targeted and personalized interactions across customer touchpoints and channels.

The new Oracle solution increases marketing effectiveness because its industry-specific capabilities enhance targeting and segmentation, increase engagement, improve measurement and produce actionable reporting, said Oracle.

The new Cloud solution from Oracle offers a full view of the buyer’s journey, insights into customer demand signals and integrated business intelligence reporting. Marketers in manufacturing organizations can drive demand and improve the quality of leads that are passed to sales.

Oracle Eloqua for Manufacturing helps marketers in global manufacturing organizations deliver personalized campaigns with timely and targeted content.

To help manufacturers achieve a faster time to revenue and maximize their customers’ lifetime value, Oracle Eloqua for Manufacturing includes product registration capabilities that help deliver efficient product maintenance and subscription renewals.

The new release includes intuitive templates and workflows that help marketers efficiently create and extend channel relationships. Campaign tasks are automated and personalized across print, e-mail, web, and telemarketing channels.

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