NRF 2015: NCR to deploy SelfServ 90 at Ryohin Keikaku Japan

NCR today said that Ryohin Keikaku Japan that runs MUJI department stores will be deploying the NCR SelfServ 90, a self-checkout technology, at its store in Yurakucho.

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MUJI department stores will be the first non-grocery retail chain in Japan to pilot NCR self-checkout technology. NCR is expecting additional deployments for its high-traffic locations inside terminal buildings and metro areas, as well as other stand-alone locations.

Muji Japan taps NCR

Dusty Lutz, general manager of self-checkout solutions at NCR Retail, said: “The solution is intended to attract shoppers who have just a few items and paying with a credit or debit card. The benefit is to get them out of the store in record time saving them from waiting in lines or leaving in frustration without making a purchase.”

During peak times, MUJI experienced queues with more than 20 people in line, many with just a few items and some leaving without making a purchase due to time constraints. The NCR SelfServ 90 has an EMV compliant card reader for credit and debit card purchases, and contactless support handles e-currency.

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