NCR upgrades Silver Pro Restaurant Edition for secure operation

NCR Silver

NCR Small Business upgraded its tablet point-of-sale (POS) system for restaurants, the NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition.

The company said the latest upgrade allows small business and franchise owners to help reduce the likelihood of internal fraud and theft by limiting cash drawer access to employees as necessary.

Management can use this feature to help identify individual employees that have cash shortages.

Further, NCR Small Business has added a blind count component  to help employee to declare the amount of cash they count without the ability to compare it to the cash total expected by the POS system based on the transaction initiated by the employee.

“Unfortunately, many small businesses regularly suffer from theft and fraud, and they may never know it,” said Chris Poelma, president and general manager of NCR Small Business.

“This software upgrade aims to hold employees accountable and, therefore, cut down on the internal losses experienced by entrepreneurs and franchisees.”

In addition to the cash-related components of the upgrade, NCR Silver and NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition offer back office alerts for unusually large or frequent discounts applied by employees.

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