NCR launches new version of Authentic

NCR Corporation has launched the latest version of Authentic, its transaction processing solution from Alaric, an NCR business.

High performance EFT authorization and routing system can handle transactions from all channels across the enterprise from ATM and POS to ecommerce and mobile.

The company focused on integration, usability and security and launched Authentic.

Company said the product can easily translate CML languages to the commonly used ISO8583 format with minimal effort and programming as Authentic integrates web services into its core components.

Integration of new payments type into traditional payment systems has become easier.

Additionally, the latest version of Authentic incorporates a new browser-based POS and card management interface.

The new browser based POS and card management interface makes it more intuitive to use and continue the alignment of Authentic with the wider NCR CxBanking software suite.

Authentic delivers unrivalled flexibility, with message mapping, processing workflow and business logic all users configurable.

Users can easily route transactions through different authorization paths, depending on the nature of the transaction with the Orchestration in Authentic.

Also, Authentic enables clients to have total strategic control of their system and to perform or maintain their own customizations.

The new version of Authentic will meet the demands of PA-DSS 3.0, new user authentication and cryptographic services have been implemented to enhance the security.

Financial institutes, processors and a global card scheme use Authentic which is scalable and robust.

“With the latest version of Authentic, we have incorporated the flexibility of the Google Web Toolkit, as well as providing new features and enhancements to further improve usability and flexibility,” said Steve Nogalo, vice president and general manager of Payments Solutions at NCR.

Last month, NCR Corporation launched an enterprise software platform, Kalpana software, which moves ATM software and operations to the cloud.

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