Monsanto taps Steelwedge to support demand forecasting

Infotech Lead America: Monsanto, an agriculture company, has tapped Steelwedge, a provider of cloud-based Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solutions, to support its demand forecasting and inventory management process.

Steelwedge will manage Monsanto’s complex global planning environment because of its simple user interface for better collaboration, and its what-if capabilities that connect finance and operational plans in a single global environment.

Based on a Steelwedge test drive showing the benefits of automating the Monsanto planning process, the company chose Steelwedge as its single integrated business planning solution to power better supply/demand balance and trade off decision-making to keep the company nimble in a changing global market.

“We are looking forward to helping Monsanto power an even more agile business plan that can scale to meet their accelerating customer demand and address global market fluctuations,” said EJ Tavella, vice president, Strategic Sales and Solutions at Steelwedge.

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