Microsoft releases Windows 10 preview with Aero Glass

Microsoft has released Windows 10 preview with Aero Glass.

Windows Vista in 2006 has Aero Glass to make the Windows experience more visually appealing by providing a translucent, glass-like design for window frames, the Start Menu, the Taskbar, and other surfaces.

Microsoft elaborated everyone will not see the return of Aero Glass because it is running A/B test.

Some of the Windows 10 testers will see normal transparent effect on the start menu and the Taskbar while rest will see the blur effect on the start menu and the Taskbar.

Also, some enterprising individuals have released a registry hack to experience the blur effect if someone is already experience transparent effect.

Microsoft also said to have blur effect on display in Build 10074 and Aero Glass in upcoming builds of the Windows 10 preview, the user has to launch the Windows Feedback app.

Aero Glass was skipped in Windows 8 but users were demanding the same to the Windows operating system.

Microsoft has also redesigned Cortana for Windows 10.

Last month, Microsoft officials said they will achieve 1 billion active Windows 10 devices by FY 2018.

Microsoft recently has released Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate, which makes it easier for developers to build and deploy applications to Windows, Linux, iOS and Android platforms.

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