Klear.ai and Georgia Administrative Services Forge Partnership to Elevate Insurance Solutions

Klear.ai, a pioneering force in AI-driven insurance software solutions, has announced a partnership with Georgia Administrative Services, Inc. (G.A.S.), a leader in third-party administration services catering to Georgia Workers’ Compensation Insurance Programs.
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This strategic collaboration entails the integration of Klear.ai’s Advanced Analytics platform and complementary software into G.A.S.’s esteemed array of services, elevating customer service, claims management, and various other facets of operation.

The partnership between Klear.ai and Georgia Administrative Services is poised to optimize processes, enhance outcomes, and fortify data analytics through intelligent, collaborative capabilities and automation. This strategic alliance is a testament to Klear.ai’s dedication to fostering efficiency and innovation, perfectly aligning with G.A.S.’s unwavering focus on delivering exceptional customer service and proactive cost management.

Amy Salmon, Chief Operating Officer of Georgia Administrative Services Inc., conveyed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are excited to partner with Klear.ai to enhance our claims management and data analysis capabilities. Their AI insurance software solutions far exceeded other analytic tools we reviewed in the marketplace and will enable us to provide deeper analytics to facilitate more efficient service, reduce the impact of injuries, and create cost-saving solutions for our clients.”

Brijesh Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Klear.ai, echoed the sentiment of excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with G.A.S. and offer our secure, modern SaaS platform with native AI insurance software solutions. Our platform further empowers G.A.S. to expand the delivery of exceptional third-party administration services and innovative insurance management solutions.”

This collaboration with Klear.ai marks a pivotal milestone in G.A.S.’s ongoing commitment to pioneering, client-centric solutions. The integration of Klear.ai’s platform and supporting software ensures that G.A.S. continues to deliver unparalleled service, along with tailor-made claims and risk management solutions.

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