Key benefits of using an EHS Software

Health and safety have moved beyond the pen, paper, and clipboard. Today, there are multiple options when it comes to solutions that help to keep your workforce safe and sound. Maintaining a safe and sound workplace that is also fully compliant with operations is important in any organization. That is why, top companies integrate EHS software to streamline, standardize, and simplify environmental compliance management. But, what are EHS solutions?
Environmental Health and Safety software (EHS software) constructs a centralized system for a company’s safety program management. By using this application, one can collect important health and safety data, keep track of and verify government regulatory compliance, and initiate continuous improvement. Softwares like Easygenerator connect the workforce by providing an individual space where they can store essential documents, key EHS performance benchmarks, information on tasks, and more. Typically, there are 4 types of EHS software:

  • Waste management
  • Compliance management
  • Chemical inventory management
  • Program management 

Using these softwares not only offers you to remain law-abiding with industry regulations but also delivers ways to help improve other elements of your business. 

Here are some of the benefits of EHS software usage:

  1. Streamline reporting

Reporting is the most time-consuming activity for EHS professionals. EHS Software manages tasks and information in one place through various sources and saves time by enabling you to create complicated reports in minutes by using data captured at the source. The software also provides you with a smooth process by automating certain factors of the report which means that employees can get greater clarity over health and safety, and assistance with an app-based checklist and other techniques. 

  1. Cost-effective

One way EHS software helps in cost optimization is by boosting employee productivity. It also helps in preventing unwanted events and their related costs such as legal fees, workers’ and medical compensation expenses, lost administrative time, fines, and related travel expenditures. Therefore, keeping the company’s injury rate low may increase the profit margin. 

  1. Customer loyalty

Another way EHS software helps secure customer loyalty is by guaranteeing the health and safety of working staff. It will help fulfill customer demands more efficiently. 

  1. Reduces human error

Error is the fundamental nature of humans. It can make a huge difference between life and death. And a lot of the work done by health and safety experts is about reducing human error and concentrating on how to perform tasks more efficiently and safely. EHS solution helps you pass on the administrative responsibilities to a digital assistant which reduces the prospects of risks being misfiled. Therefore, a good EHS solution will help you reduce the odds of human error in an organization. 

  1. Legal compliance

Legal compliance sometimes can be challenging to achieve in health and safety, but it could be very critical and costly if not done effectively. A modern EHS software makes sure that an organization meets the latest legal requirements. It will help you digitize the process allowing for data as well as documents to be retired instantaneously.  It is very easy to access many documents via EHS software, including:

  • Photo evidence
  • Witness statements
  • Procedure to reduce risk in operations

The cloud-based EHS software allows you to store documents and ensure every file is in the correct format. 

  1. Mobile friendly

Mobile applications are one of the most compelling benefits of EHS software. These apps allow you to assign assessments at the facility level. Data could be captured remotely by supervisors and employees and sync it to the central database including video and images,  from a desktop or tablet. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly EHS system allows workers to check in and make changes anytime from anywhere. 


EHS software makes the whole health and safety process effortless. It’s a solution that allows companies to stay one step ahead and make teams work more efficiently and solve issues as they arise. EHS software effectively lowers costs, increases sustainability efforts improves the accessibility of information and workplace safety, among other benefits encountered on the way. 

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