Jacada and AGC Networks to offer customer service solutions to Indian enterprises

Jacada has signed an agreement with AGC Networks to provide Indian companies with tailored customer service solutions.

The partnership enables contact center agents to connect to customer data in a consistent way regardless of the channel creating more effective customer interactions while reducing operational costs.

Jacada is a provider of customer service experience and interaction optimization solutions.

AGC Networks is the world’s leading Solutions Integrator in Unified Communications, Network Integration, Data Center & Virtualization, and Enterprise Applications.

Jacada and AGC Networks offer a comprehensive set of customized contact center solutions designed to enhance the customer experience across multiple channels, as well as directly impact operating costs and improve employee retention.

“BPOs in India are being asked by their worldwide customers to provide innovative customer service solutions as their interactions with these organizations become more complicated due to multi-channel communication options and the rapid growth of call center applications. Hence, organizations are looking to add value to processes such as end-to-end automation, seamless integration across channels, and the reduction of transaction turnaround time,” said Guy Yair, senior vice president and general manager for EMEA & APAC, Jacada.

Jacada and AGC Networks will provide a competitive edge to Indian organizations by allowing them to effectively interact with their customers through all touch points (at the store, at the call center, or by mobile phone) and by that, provide their end users an optimized customer service experience as well as reduce their organization’s operational costs.

“Customers are a critical component to making an organization successful or not, and how you interact with them is key. For this reason, we’ve built solutions that are guaranteed to ensure the customer experience is an exceptional one,” said Sanjeev Verma, president, AGC Networks.

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