Infosys Secures 5-Year Contract from LKQ Europe to Drive Business Transformation

Infosys, a leader in technology and consulting services, has unveiled a five-year partnership with LKQ Europe, a distributor of automotive aftermarket parts across Europe.
Infosys employeesThis collaboration marks a significant milestone for LKQ Europe’s strategic agenda, aiming to streamline operations, enhance product accessibility, and expedite customer deliveries, propelled by recent strategic acquisitions.

LKQ Europe’s corporate program focuses on unifying business processes and systems, optimizing efficiencies, and fostering synergy across operations. Infosys, recognized for its prowess in ERP deployment and a commitment to sustained partnerships, will play a pivotal role in integrating and standardizing diverse business processes and systems.

The selection of Infosys as a strategic partner underscores the company’s robust track record in driving IT-related business transformations. Leveraging Infosys’ knowledge in automotive and distribution solutions, LKQ Europe intends to implement advanced systems, empowering sustainable productivity gains and aligning with its long-term business goals.

Jasmeet Singh, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Manufacturing at Infosys, expressed confidence in their ability to drive digital transformation aligned with LKQ Europe’s vision. Singh stated, “Our expertise in harmonizing and digitizing intricate processes aligns seamlessly with LKQ Europe’s strategic objectives.”

LKQ Europe, a subsidiary of LKQ Corporation headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, stands as a frontrunner in distributing automotive aftermarket parts for cars, commercial vans, and industrial vehicles across Europe.

Presently, the organization boasts a workforce of approximately 26,000 employees and operates a network spanning over 1,000 branches. Serving more than 100,000 workshops across 20 European countries, LKQ Europe remains a pivotal player in the region’s automotive aftermarket landscape.

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