Infor powers CRM of Dunlop Aircraft Tyres

CRM vendor Infor today said it will be supplying Infor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Dunlop Aircraft Tyres.

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres has replaced its legacy system to experience Infor CRM’s greater visibility, consistency and accuracy in the company’s sales and CRM programs.

The aircraft tire manufacturer and retreader will also establish a robust, scalable sales platform and drive best practices.

Infor CRM enables Dunlop to access timely and accurate information on prospects and customers.

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Infor will also help Dunlop Aircraft Tyres to enhance reporting capabilities to sustain rapid growth and solution will initially be deployed for 33 users globally.

According to Infor, Infor CRM will be used to support market segmentation and forge greater alignment with the customer service team and is integrated with Infor SyteLine.

Additionally, customer service is also maximized and customer satisfaction is enhanced as Infor CRM provides historical data and production data.

“Through our deployment of Infor CRM we have complete confidence that we’ll be leading the way in best practice across our sales and CRM activities, utilizing an accurate and consistent set of data in a timely and user friendly manner to make better decisions and inform future strategy,” said Stuart Hawker, Marketing Manager, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres.

Last month, Infor and Ephesoft partnered to enhance Infor Document Management to help customers work more efficiently by automatically connecting documents to core business processes within Infor enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

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