IBM launches new, cloud-based DevOps services, software and infrastructure

IBM has launched new, cloud-based DevOps services, software and infrastructure to assist large enterprises to develop and deliver software quickly.

The company said its new DevOps Innovation Services address the challenge of scaling DevOps, enabling enterprises to transform their software delivery lifecycle.

IBM says large enterprises have the option of combining on-premise, private and public clouds with the collaborative DevOps capabilities to deliver apps faster — along with the data security, control and integration.

The new DevOps Innovation Services enable organizations to assess and benchmark their readiness for DevOps and chart a path forward, then address bottlenecks in key phases of software delivery, including development, testing, release and deployment and monitoring.

IBM cited three important IT research reports to support the importance of the initiative.

IDC predicts that by 2015, 60 percent of CIOs will use DevOps as their primary tool to address the speed and sprawl of mobile, cloud and open source applications.

Businesses that are more effective at software delivery are also more profitable than their peers nearly 70 percent of the time, a survey of 400 business and IT executives by the IBM Institute for Business Value showed.

A new study of 600 IT executives by Forrester Consulting found development teams that consistently deliver software the fastest enjoy the highest level of satisfaction from the business.

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Kristof Kloeckner, general manager, IBM Software Group, Rational, said: “IBM is helping clients to harness the collaborative power of the cloud to deliver business outcomes that can compete on the highest levels of agility, speed and collaboration — regardless of the current size or complexity of the organization.”

IBM has shared two customer experience.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance reduced critical software defects by 80 percent, realizing 20 percent efficiency gains in its maintenance and support operations in 18 months after applying agile and lean principles to develop new products, services and channels of customer engagement.

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