HP Software to assist Mindtree to reduce testing cycle by 30%

HP Software will assist Bangalore-based IT company Mindtree to reduce testing cycle by 30 percent

As per the software deal announced on Tuesday, HP Software will offer application testing solutions that shorten the testing cycle for Mindtree’s customers by up to 30 percent.

This enables Mindtree’s customers to accelerate the continuous delivery of modern and innovative applications, while maintaining the highest quality possible.

To reduce long development times and avoid inconsistent quality for new software applications, Mindtree selected HP Software to automate and optimize its software application testing business.

Mindtree integrated HP Service Virtualization, HP LoadRunner and HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) into its testing practices. HP’s selection will assist Mindtree to expand its presence in the $1 billion software testing market.

Ananda Rao Ladi, senior vice president, Independent Testing Services, Mindtree, said: “By automating our entire application software testing business with HP Software solutions, we can accelerate the delivery of applications and ensure the highest level of quality for our customers.”

HP Service Virtualization will enable development and testing teams at Mindtree to work in parallel by providing a simulated, virtual environment. This will reduce the delays development and testing teams face in a conventional application development cycle.

With HP LoadRunner Mindtree is able to obtain an accurate picture of the end-to-end system performance before going live, and verify that the new or upgraded applications meet specified performance requirements.

In addition, HP UFT will help Mindtree automate the functional testing of business process transactions that span multiple application layers, cutting the cost and complexity of the testing process while improving application quality.

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