HP Enterprise Services launch new BPO analytics services

Infotech Lead India: HP Enterprise Services has launched new Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) analytics services.

The new analytics service is designed to accelerate discovery of growth opportunities, efficiencies and cost savings while supporting improvements in compliance and mitigation of risk.

The new HP Business Analytics Services, available worldwide as a standalone service or embedded in many HP BPO solutions, are priced according to customer engagement.

HP Business Analytics Services enable HP BPO professionals to analyze structured and unstructured data using best practices and methodologies to derive insights, facilitate decisions and define recommended actions for clients.

This information helps clients unlock greater business value, including discovering potential growth opportunities more quickly, enhancing the total customer experience, improving product quality and optimizing enterprise cost structure.

“Enterprises have made significant investments in technology to capture and store data; however, few have developed the talent, tools and processes needed to turn this Big Data into actionable insights,” said Arindam Dutta, head – Global Business Analytics & Asia Business Services. “HP provides the hardware and software for firms to utilize Big Data, and is offering experienced analytic professionals to help clients structure and run a sustainable data-driven decision-making framework that drives competitive advantage.”

HP Business Analytics Services are flexible and technology agnostic, working across multiple deployment and platform options. HP analytics professionals can also leverage HP’s suite of Information Management and Analytics technology and applications offerings.

Moreover, HP Business Analytics Services can assist clients in increasing customer loyalty by delivering the right messages to the right prospects and customers at the right time and via the right channel. Also, taking a systemic approach to analyzing the potential impact of external risks can help clients avoid potential losses.

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