Getloaded introduces new trucking management software

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Infotech Lead America: Getloaded, an Internet-based logistics freight matching site, has launched a trucking management software system named GetloadedOps.

The trucking management software system simplifies and automates record-keeping for trucking professionals. The solution is developed in conjunction with TruckingOffice.

Fergus Caldicott, Getloaded’s general manager, said that GetloadedOps is going to change the way truckers look at paperwork, as it the new software makes doing business on the road simpler and will save truckers loads of time and money.

The solution is designed to help transportation professionals run their business more efficiently. It allows clients to easily manage dispatches, invoices, expenses, driver payment, and maintenance plans.

The company said that Getloaded members can access this software for only $16 per month together with TruckingOffice.

The company claims that other similar business management tools can cost 5 to 10 times that amount.

The company is in the final stages of developing full-integration of its freight matching capabilities with GetloadedOps.

The freight matching capabilities will let the company’s members to experience a seamless experience for all their trucking business needs.

Getloaded provides a wide range of carrier, freight and combination packages. The company said that it can help any size transportation organization find and move freight and trucks.

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