FICO launches TRIAD Cloud Edition to help specialty lenders

FICO has released a cloud based version of industry’s account management solution, FICO TRIAD Cloud Edition.

The new offering helps the specialty lenders to use advanced, customer focused analytics and strategies to increase revenues, share of wallet and customer satisfaction.

Credit grantors can also test, automate and improve decisions for credit and debit cards, deposit accounts, loans, auto financing and other credit products with FICO TRIAD Cloud Edition.

In addition, Credit and deposit risk managers and other users can measure customer risk with predictive analysis, set up targeted risk based strategies and automate a host of decisions.

Company officials said more than 65 percent of all customer credit cards worldwide are managed with FICO TRIAD Customer Manager.

Many of the banks around the world also use FICO TRIAD Customer Manager and TRIAD Cloud Edition was designed for organizations managing account portfolios ranging from 100,000 to 1.5 million accounts.

The organization which wants to add power of TRIAD’s analytic and strategic design to their legacy systems without having to install new software can use TRIAD Cloud Edition.

Company officials said auto lenders minimize delinquency and collection operational expenses with the newly released FICO TRIAD Cloud Edition.

A major US auto lender will be among the first customers of TRIAD Cloud Edition and will use the new solution to deploy analytic scores and manage collections in the early stages of delinquency.

FICO TRIAD Cloud Edition can be used to manage decision areas such as credit facilities, pricing, reissue, early-stage collections and marketing communications.

Last month, FICO provided customers with access to the 19 most commonly used versions of the FICO Score from the three major credit bureaus at

In January, FICO announced the availability of the FICO Cyber Security Analytics solution.

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