Etihad Airways starts implementing latest phase of Sabre software

Infotech Lead Middle East: Etihad Airways has started implementing the latest phase of Sabre software.

Etihad Airways, as part of its plan to create the most efficient airline technology infrastructure, adopted Sabre’s codeshare, network and fleet management software to enhance planning and scheduling operations.

These new capabilities will augment efficiencies in areas such as scheduling, slot planning, route optimisation and passenger connectivity.

Etihad is Sabre’s partner for the network manager software that allows airlines to make schedule adjustments to improve connectivity through hubs. The fine-tuning of schedules allows the airline to maximize connecting-traffic revenue, while delivering the best possible service to passengers.

Kevin Knight, Etihad Airways’ Chief Strategy and Planning Officer

“Etihad Airways is growing rapidly and Sabre’s technology helps us manage network complexity while finding the most profitable approaches to network and fleet allocation. Being Sabre’s launch partner for its network management software also demonstrates our commitment to the relationship and the importance of working with a single technology partner to achieve our long-term goals,” said Kevin Knight, Etihad Airways’ Chief Strategy and Planning Officer.

In early benchmark studies, Sabre found that the network management software typically generated profitability improvements of between 1 percent and 2.5 percent.

“The relationship, and Sabre’s role as Etihad Airways’ single technology provider means that we will be continuing to work with our colleagues in the airline on a daily basis to ensure that our software is improving efficiency and creating the widest possible profit margins,” said Darren Rickey, Sabre Airline Solutions’ Vice President Commercial Planning Solutions.

Etihad Airways’ technology has been implemented using Sabre’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted infrastructure and followed comprehensive customer consultation.

Sabre claims that it operates the aviation industry’s largest Software-as-a-Solutions (SaaS) business, with its reservations system, commercial planning and operations software used by more than 300 airlines and over 100 airports around the world.

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