eHarmony taps SharePlex from Dell to reduce potential business losses

eHarmony, an online dating site, tapped SharePlex from Dell that reduces the risk of potential business losses by assisting the company to make informed decisions.

SharePlex from Dell Software enables eHarmony, which previously used native database tools to maximize insight from subscriber data, to access and act on the latest subscriber data in real time

Thod Ngyuen, chief technology officer, eHarmony, said: “By replicating changes made by subscribers quickly, SharePlex helps our marketing team tailor products and promotions to customers based on their specific needs, which increases loyalty and revenues.”

In addition, eHarmony can provide the latest subscription data to the finance team, which helps the dating site report on performance more effectively, and make better strategic decisions, said Dell.

eHarmony and Dell

The online dating site’s patented Compatibility Matching System assists subscribers to find suitable partners. The company receives insights into preferences of users who update their main production database constantly. Using replication rules, the company mirrors the data to a secondary database, where it is analyzed to personalize services for customers.

SharePlex enabled eHarmony to address the company’s replication needs at a third of the cost of a competing solution. The company has also reduced the risk of potential business losses, said Dell.

The database development team at eHarmony works to enhance database functionality and unlock insight from subscriber and operational data. Many team members now use Dell Software’s Toad for Oracle solution as their de facto development and optimization resource.

The tools and workflows available in Toad have enabled the development team to increase productivity and automate routine administration tasks, and connected them with a wealth of online resources, as well as the global Toad World developer community for help resolving specific problems.


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