eBay deploys Domo executive management platform to streamline merchant data

Ecommerce channel eBay has deployed Domo executive management platform to streamline merchant data and provide insights to executives for decision making.

eBay, which has 128 million active users globally, wanted to understand how well their merchant clients were selling on eBay, and how they could assist in optimizing those clients’ sales efforts.

Since merchant sales information lived in multiple systems and was in various formats, it was a complex project to handle the data and get insights.

“Before Domo we were sending out Excel files and links to different places, and we built out a few dashboards, but at the end of the day they weren’t dynamic,” said Kevin Styers, manager of merchant sales operations at eBay.


After the implementation of Domo, eBay’s decision makers are no longer forced to search for important trends across multiple systems of data.

Every Monday eBay managers sit down with their teams and pull up Domo to figure out where they need to focus their efforts for that week.

eBay officials say other BI solutions have value, but were missing a key component. Other solutions can combine data sources, but their presentational layer is still very analytical and Excel-pivoty in nature.

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