Contact Solutions unveils Adaptive Personalization

Contact Solutions has unveiled Adaptive Personalized, a new multi layered personalization solution driven by behavior based business intelligence and predictive analysis.

Earlier Interactive Voice Response (IVR) treats every caller the same way, regardless of individual preference or behavior. Traditional IVR leads to frustration and negative brand perception in customer experience.

Organizations can respond to caller behavior and preferences, streamline authentication processes and dynamically adapt calls at each interaction point in a call flow, with the release of Adaptive Personalization.

Besides delivering more seamless and effortless customer experience, early users of the technology have seen calls shortened by more than 35 percent and transfer rates reduced by more than 70 percent with up to 90 percent of callers experiencing more optimized self service.

Adaptive personalization in the IVR helps organizations understand exactly how customers interact with the contact center IVR and how they impact customer experience, helps to identify customers that are struggling with IVR and improve their experience.

It also provides advanced and actionable real time caller interaction. The IVR channel costs can be reduced and can bring customer satisfaction by creating speedier customer problem resolution that can be translated to shorten calls.

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