Compuware launches new generation performance analytics solution

Infotech Lead India: Compuware on Thursday said it launched a new generation performance analytics solution that raises intelligence of software-as-a-service (SaaS) application performance management (APM).

In a statement, Compuware said its Outage Analyzer provides real-time visualizations and alerts of outages in third-party web services that are mission critical to web, mobile and cloud applications around the globe.

Compuware is providing this new service free of charge to its customers.

Leveraging big data technologies and an anomaly detection engine, Outage Analyzer correlates more than eight billion data points per day. This data is collected from the Compuware Gomez Performance Monitoring Network of more than 150,000 test locations and delivers information on specific outages including the scope, duration and probable cause of the event.

Steve Tack, vice president of Product Management for Compuware’s APM business unit

Cloud and third-party web services allow organizations to deliver a rich user experience, but expose web and mobile sites to degraded performance. According to independent research, the typical website has more than ten separate hosts contributing to a single transaction, many of which come from third-party cloud services such as social media, ecommerce platforms, web analytics, ad servers and content delivery networks.

“Since Outage Analyzer has been up and running, we’ve seen an average of about 200 third-party web service outages a day,” said Steve Tack, vice president of Product Management for Compuware’s APM business unit.

“Outage Analyzer is just the beginning. Our big data platform, propriety correlation and anomaly detection algorithms, and intuitive visualizations of issues with cloud and third-party web services are key building-blocks to delivering a new generation of answer-centric APM,” Tack added.

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