Cognizant Forms Alliance with Shopify and Google Cloud to Propel Retail Digital Transformation

Cognizant, a leader in technology services, has signed a partnership with Shopify and Google Cloud aimed at digital transformation in retail business.
Cognizant employeesThe collaboration stems from a pressing need within the retail sector to adapt to evolving consumer expectations and embrace innovative technologies to deliver personalized experiences, real-time recommendations, and customized offers. At its core, the partnership aims to empower retailers with transformative solutions, including generative AI, to unlock new business opportunities and enhance customer engagement.

Central to this initiative is the joint offering’s ability to assist enterprise retailers in overcoming challenges related to personalization, global scalability, and platform modernization. By harnessing Shopify’s commerce operating system, underpinned by Google Cloud’s expansive suite of services, brands will gain access to a comprehensive technology stack that facilitates seamless digital transformation.

Sushant Warikoo, Senior Vice President and head of Cognizant’s retail business unit, emphasized the partnership’s goal of equipping retailers of all sizes with advanced commerce capabilities, tailored to meet evolving trends such as hyper-personalized customer journeys, AI-powered shopping assistants, fraud mitigation, and sustainability measures.

Ritu Khanna, Vice President of Partnerships at Shopify, highlighted the strength of the partnership in driving growth and innovation.

Carrie Tharp, Vice President of Strategic Industries at Google Cloud, underscored the role of generative AI in reshaping digital experiences.

The alliance between Cognizant, Shopify, and Google Cloud signals a significant milestone in the retail industry’s journey toward digital transformation, promising to redefine the way brands engage with customers and drive business growth in an increasingly competitive market landscape.

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