Cognizant Expands Tech Deal with Takeda to Propel Digital Transformation Initiatives

Cognizant has announced the expansion of its technology agreement with Takeda, a biopharmaceutical company. The collaboration aims to bolster Takeda’s digital transformation strategy by providing robust support to its technology projects.
Cognizant employees
Cognizant does not reveal the size of the technology deal with Takeda. In a news report, the IT services provider said Takeda and Cognizant are set to embark on a new project focused on attracting additional technology talent, enhancing Takeda’s Innovation Capability Center operations.

Sanjay Patel, Takeda Global Head of DD&T Innovation Capability Solutions, expressed the significance of Cognizant’s support in complementing Takeda’s ongoing innovation and digital growth. “This continued relationship will enable Takeda to accelerate our digital transformation journey, modernize our operational model, and speed time to market.”

Cognizant will play a pivotal role in assisting Takeda in delivering digital capabilities as a service to the organization. This involves identifying and recruiting key talent to support Takeda’s data, digital, and technology ambitions.

The partnership goes beyond mere transformation of infrastructure and application management approaches; Cognizant will employ a unique “build, operate, transform, and transfer” (BOTT) model. Under this framework, Cognizant will establish the team, initiate operations, automate functions, and ultimately transfer the operations to Takeda.

Surya Gummadi, Executive Vice President and President of Cognizant Americas, highlighted the collaboration’s potential impact on Takeda’s vision to become one of the most trusted, science-driven, digital biopharmaceutical companies.

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