Carmaker Stellantis opens software hub in India to drive digital strategy

Carmaker Stellantis has inaugurated a new software hub in Bengaluru, India, its second innovation centre in the country.
StellantisStellantis, the world’s fourth largest carmaker with its Jeep and Citroen brands, will be focusing on cockpit and driver assistance technologies.

Stellantis aims to generate 20 billion euros ($19.4 billion) in additional annual revenues by 2030 from its software-driven strategy.

The new facility in India will be the main development centre for one of the three technology platforms Stellantis will start deploying in 2024, the STLA SmartCockpit, focusing on digitally integrating vehicles and drivers.

Stellantis said software development center, which will employ around 500 people, will help develop artificial intelligence (AI) and driver assistance (ADAS) technologies for autonomous driving.

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