Business Intelligence adoption in Indian enterprises to grow this year: Gartner

Infotech Lead Asia: Adoption of business intelligence (BI) software among Indian enterprises is set to grow.

CIOs of Indian enterprises will be deploying BI significantly thanks to pressures from consumers, environmental policies, government and industry regulations, international standards of quality, and internal operational efficiency.

These external and internal factors are forcing CIOs with enterprises to improve their operations and processes to become both agile and efficient in a volatile marketplace.

Gartner says Indian BI software revenue will reach $113 million in 2013, up 16 percent over 2012 revenue of $98.1 million. This forecast includes revenue for BI platforms, analytic applications and corporate performance management (CPM) software.

Business analytics market, according to a research note in July 2012 from IDC, will continue to grow at a 9.8 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2016 to reach $50.7 billion.

The IDC report says new business analytics software options based on non-relational data management technology are forcing all vendors to accelerate R&D efforts and acquisitions focused on new tools and applications and the integration of new and existing technologies.

Indian enterprises, according to Gartner, adopting BI have the advantage of benefiting from earlier adopters in developed markets, rather than needing to build their approaches from the ground up.

Gartner suggests that to increase adoption, enterprises should evaluate advanced technologies, such as interactive visualization, mobile BI, cloud and in-memory technologies.

Table 1

India BI Software Software Forecast Estimates (Millions of Dollars)

Subsegment Data 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Analytic Applications and Performance Management Sum of Revenue (M) 14.2 16.8 20.0 23.6 27.8
Growth (%) 14.24 18.94 18.45 18.07 17.87
CPM Suites Sum of Revenue (M) 18.6 22.0 26.0 30.7 36.1
Growth (%) 11.97 18.32 18.03 17.85 17.62
BI Platforms Sum of Revenue (M) 65.3 74.1 84.0 95.1 107.4
Growth (%) 13.86 13.43 13.40 13.11 12.93
Total Sum of Revenue (M) 98.1 113.0 130.0 149.3 171.2
Total Growth (%) 13.55 15.15 15.05 14.82 14.67

Gartner (June 2013)

Ian Bertram, managing vice president at Gartner, said: “There is an increased emphasis on the metrics management and growing use of performance management. Software and service providers are increasing marketing spend on BI thus leading to higher visibility. In many industries, especially the regulated ones, such as telecom and financial services, clients are setting up dedicated competency centers focused on the use of information.”

IDC says a growing emphasis on industry and business process–specific analytic applications is going to take hold till 2016.

The growth in appliances, SaaS, and outsourcing deals for business analytics technology will likely mean that end users will pay increasingly less attention to specific technology components, instead focusing on the business value arguments and overall functionality.

System performance, availability, security, and manageability will all matter greatly, but how they are achieved will be less of a point for differentiation amongst vendors.

Indian CIOs are gaining a better understanding of the non-IT competences required for successful BI implementation. However, a general lack of  talent across all fields of information management in organizations  will continue to be the critical barrier to their successful adoption of  Business Analytics  initiatives. The increasing interest in big data creates new challenges across these areas.

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