Asurint deploys automated billing solution from BillingPlatform

BillingPlatform, a cloud-based monetization and billing solution provider, announced that Asurint has gone live with BillingPlatform.
BillingPlatformBillingPlatform’s automated billing solution streamlines credit reporting business and helps Asurint to scale as their business grows.

Asurint brings a unique technology-focused perspective to background checks, which helps improve the hiring process for both recruiters and candidates.

Asurint delivers pre-employment background screening solutions that can be customized to fit an organization’s hiring requirements including criminal history, drug testing and medical services, employment verifications and motor vehicle records.

Asurint previously conducted billing and invoicing through a manual, time-consuming spreadsheet-based system. BillingPlatform has automated that process, aggregating and normalizing rated usage data, creating invoices, and integrating with Avalara taxation software.

Asurint anticipates a reduction in associated operating expenses by implementing BillingPlatform.

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