Aspect Software introduces Experience Continuity

Aspect Software has introduced Aspect Experience Continuity to provide context and continuity when moving from self-service to live-service, switching between channels, or when switching between proactive outbound communication and inbound service inquiries.

Aspect Experience Continuity is an intelligent customer interaction platform which helps in rise on consumer preference for mobile and self service interaction driving need for greater channel inter connectivity.

Company said any customer service engagement whether with an agent or through self service can create customer frustration.

While connected and contextually-linked service provide customers with quick and convenient access to information when needed and can also provide quick ROI for businesses that can focus their contact center staff on more elaborate inquiries and customer retention efforts.

In a survey, 96 percent of the consumers surveyed said when contacting customer service about the same issue, they should be able to pick up where they last left off, regardless of channel.

Aspect Software

Also, 82 percent of consumers said they prefer using self-service to resolve simple customer service issues but 86 percent prefer agent consultation to resolve more complex customer service issues.

Additionally, companies need a defined next strategy to create an ideal Omni channel experience, where customers can pick up an interaction where they left off, regardless of channel.

“Our research shows that customers, on average, use more than four different self-service or live-assist channels in order to complete their e-commerce tasks,” explains Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research.

“With the proliferation of available customer care channels in this age of pervasive mobile computing, a smooth handover between channels such as mobile app, IVR, or Website, or when switching from self-service to live-service, is more crucial than ever to providing excellent customer service,” said Spence Mallder, chief technology officer and General Manager WFO, Aspect.

In February, Aspect Software released EQ Workforce Optimization 8.1 which comes with several new features and includes enhancements to Aspect EQ Workforce Management, Aspect EQ recording, Aspect EQ Quality Monitoring and Aspect EQ Performance Management.

Shilpa Khatri
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