ADSIC and FSC sign agreement focusing on Spatial Data Infrastructure and Geographical Information Systems

Infotech Lead Middle East: Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre (ADSIC) and Fujairah Statistics Centre (FSC) signed an agreement focusing on Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and related projects and programs.

One of the pillars of Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030 development plan is ICT-enabled growth.

“SDI enables us to use technology to gain a better understanding of our geographical resources and how we can better monitor, manage and maintain them. By engaging in this partnership with the Fujairah Statistics Centre, we are keen to share experiences, insights and knowledge of relevant geospatial information services and technologies to achieve sustainable development in capacity building,” said Rashid Lahej Al Mansoori, director general of Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre.

“The MoU between Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre and the Fujairah Statistics Centre represents the first breakthrough in cooperation between both parties. We hope it would raise the level of future cooperation through the provision of services and the exchange of expertise and knowledge in the fields of spatial data, project development and related programs,” said Ibrahim Saad Mohammed, director of Fujairah Statistics Centre.

ADSIC is the government entity overseeing Abu Dhabi’s IT agenda, while FSC is the administrator of Fujairah’s statistical system and the official source of the emirate’s statistical information.

Under the terms of the cooperative agreement, ADSIC and FSC will share knowledge, guidance, experiences and expertise related to SDI and GIS. Both parties will also promote cooperation and engage in collaborative projects in fields of mutual interest as well as organize relevant workshops and training courses.

The Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Infrastructure (AD-SDI) program facilitates the expedient sharing of geospatial data among government agencies and other key stakeholders, was launched in 2007. ADSIC continues to partner with other emirates and various parties at the national level to ensure that geospatial information is used efficiently and cooperatively for national development, capacity building and infrastructure development in all fields related to Spatial Information Technology and others.

Prominent SDIs include the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in the US and the European Commission’s INSPIRE.

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