Adobe wins deal for supplying 3D content tools to Hugo Boss and Salomon

Adobe said that it signed up new customers for its three-dimensional content creation tools, including German fashion brand Hugo Boss and outdoor footwear brand Salomon Group.
Adobe at a trade eventAdobe said it has reworked several of its tools for creating 3D content to make them work well on Apple Mac computers that use the iPhone maker’s M chips, Reuters news report said.

Adobe provides software in creative fields like photography, graphic design and film. Adobe has been working to build out more tools for making the three-dimensional worlds and objects used in video games.

Adobe acquired software tools called Substance 3D in 2019 when it bought French firm Allegorithmic. The tool helps the makers of movies like Frozen 2 and games imbue the digital objects they create with a wide array of lifelike textures, like wood or leather.

Adobe has reworked the software to run on Apple’s M chips. While Apple’s laptops and desktop are used in some creative fields like music production, game developers tend to rely on PCs that can be paired with power graphics chips from Nvidia that help graphics look more realistic.

Apple’s chips have added new graphics processing power, and Adobe plans to take full advantage of it in the new software, said Francois Cottin, senior director of marketing at Adobe.

“For these kinds of use cases, vertical integration is really key, from the app all the way to the chip,” says Francois Cottin. “We’ve been working closely with Apple on future-looking use cases. I think Substance 3D definitely represent that.”

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