9 benefits of test automation: how to use them effectively

Every year the competition between companies that develop software is getting tougher. It becomes critical to release the product to the market without delay and prepare updates on time.
benefits of test automation
Another essential point is the quality of the product. If it’s bad, users will leave you in favor of another company with similar services. These challenges, as well as many others, are solved by properly implemented test automation. We’ve found 9 reasons you should consider this type of testing if you’re still running scripts only manually.

#1 Higher speed compared to manual testing

Using automation, you can run multiple tests simultaneously, execute them in parallel on numerous platforms, get instant results, and speed up the release time. Thus, instead of hours and days, you spend minutes getting test results for your application. You only need to pass the information on the bugs found to the developers. 

#2 The ability to reduce business expenses

Reducing business expenses is achieved through several possibilities of test automation. 

Firstly, the savings come from lowering the time it takes to run tests. 

Secondly, test automation provides higher test coverage than manual testing. This way you can minimize the situation when you need to fix bugs after the release of the application, which requires high costs. 

Thirdly, automation makes it easy to scale testing. You have the option of running thousands of threads at the same time. With this, you don’t need to hire additional test automation engineers and allocate more time for tests.

#3 Fast feedback from any team member 

Good test automation tools usually allow you to build transparent testing processes by providing numerous artifacts (videos, logs, screenshots). Any QA engineer can see the bugs found, understand what their root causes are, and share the problem through team communication channels. So time for fixing bugs is saved. Developers immediately get feedback and can quickly eliminate the cause of the failure.

#4 Exceptional testing coverage and depth

This is an important aspect for companies that strive to ensure the maximum quality of the developed product. Even if the company has the opportunity to form a large team of manual testers, many tests are often impossible to perform manually due to their extremely time-consuming nature and huge volume. Test automation solves this issue. A high percentage of test coverage allows you to verify the maximum reliability of the application, the correctness of its work, and compliance with the initial requirements.

#5 Reusability of automated test scripts

Automated test scripts are reusable at different levels and in different ways in a couple of clicks. This saves time and money, increases team productivity, and ensures coordinated work on the project. Automation tools allow you to use ready-made scripts even for other projects.

#6 Bug detection in the early stages of development

Test automation fits perfectly with the requirements of agile development methodologies. High-quality automated testing tools not only help you detect bugs quickly but also provide with all the necessary artifacts to fix them earlier, thus saving your efforts and money.

#7 Ability to perform time-consuming types of testing

There are many types of testing that are extremely difficult or even impossible to perform manually. 

Regression testing, for instance, confirms that recent changes to the program or code have not negatively impacted existing functionality. If such testing is done manually, it is very time-consuming. Test automation solves these problems.

The situation is similar to cross-browser testing, which, when performed manually, also leads to numerous issues. Cross-browser testing involves running tests on combinations of different browser and OS versions. If you have only manual testing, then the task may be impossible. However, automation platforms easily run these test cases on multiple browsers in parallel.

Automation is also a good option for performing smoke testing, which helps to detect defects at the earliest stages of development. You can create automated tests based on your random smoke test scenarios.

#8 Analysis and quality test reports

Many test automation platforms have their own AI/ML analytics tools. The technology determines automatically the most likely cause of the failure. It is easily trained to work as accurately as possible. 

Built-in reporting functionality or integrations with third-party test reporting tools are also included in the standard functionality of test automation platforms. This option saves time for QA team members, because reports are generated automatically and within minutes. There is no need to spend time collecting data from different platforms, processing them, and building graphs and charts manually.

#9 Ensuring maximum ROI

Test automation platform, which is selected based on the needs of the project, product features, and team experience, can significantly increase the ROI of test automation. Time to market is reduced, the product comes out without bugs, all these tasks are completed with fewer resources, which means that you raise your ROI.

Summary: how to use all benefits of test automation

Choosing the right test automation tool plays a key role here. You should pay attention to a solution that is seamlessly customized to the needs of various projects, is multifunctional, and integrates with all the tools that the project team works with.

For example, we suggest considering the Zebrunner Testing Platform. With its help, you will receive 10x faster test feedback, be able to fix bugs quickly, and release the product within the scheduled time or even faster. This is an example of a very flexible tool that will suit both startups that are working on just one product, and large corporations with many projects.

Zebrunner Testing Platform provides a number of possibilities:

  • High-speed test execution. Running tests and interpreting results takes up to 30% less time than similar processes performed by comparable solutions.
  • Scalability and flexibility. You can run several thousand threads simultaneously and get fast results. Zebrunner integrates with the most popular tools among test and development teams, so there are no problems with processing results and communication.
  • Quality reporting. Reports are generated automatically in minutes. Moreover, there are ready-made and customizable dashboards & widgets to visualize all the necessary metrics.
  • Deep analytics that includes classification, detailing, AI-labeling, logs, screenshots, interactive videos, and the test history line.

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