Yahoo Japan deploys Nutanix to improve security

Yahoo Japan has deployed Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform for desktop virtualization to reduce malware infections.

The benefits of Nutanix include its promises such as increase in business efficiency, productivity and security by offering an IT framework for staff working across the business.

Yahoo Japan has deployed VDI on Nutanix in three hubs that review and patrol third party sites, and as the operational infrastructure for about 300 staff.

“With our new Nutanix VDI environment we can immediately reset the virtual desktop that has been infected, revert to a virtual desktop image before it was infected and work can be resumed immediately, so we are keeping staff productivity improve by 30 percent,” said Hiroshi Kiyomiya, CTO, Yahoo Japan.


Yahoo Japan sought to deploy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) from Nutanix to increase operational performance, support with the reviewing of applications from companies registering their domains with Yahoo Japan and to provide a more efficient backbone for the organization’s IT infrastructure.

Yahoo Japan’s VDI environment provides across-the-board support for staff using business systems, terminals or smart devices keeping everything consistent, efficient and simple. All staff can log the system at the same time, across multiple regions with no delay in response time.

Nutanix has joined hands with NVIDIA to broaden its VDI portfolio, and integrate acceleration for graphics rich desktops.

In January 2015, Nutanix has been adopted by Chun Yuan Steel Group of Taiwan, improving its VMware desktop virtualization performance, enhancing employee work efficiency, simplifying its IT burden and reducing its procurement and operational costs. Implementing Nutanix has improved overall performance by 4-5 times faster.

Last month N2N Connect Berhad has selected the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform to attain higher performance, flexible scalability and greater operating efficiency for its business. Using Nutanix’s web scale technology, N2N Connect has enabled deployment and faster provisioning of customer services all while reducing operational IT expenditures by 50 percent.

Under the VDI Assurance program, Nutanix ensures that virtual desktops always get the compute and storage resources needed to meet end user VDI expectations.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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