Tencent picks Avira’s SAVAPI anti-malware scanning engine

Tencent, China’s Internet services provider, has licensed Avira’s SAVAPI anti-malware scanning engine.

Tencent’s QQ Mail division will use Avira’s software to scan for and remove malware for all of its 300 million email service customers.

“QQ Mail is one of the biggest email service vendors in China. Tencent QQ email integrated Avira antivirus engine to improve virus scanning speed of the email and to provide secure email services for QQ Mail users,” said Jeffrey Du, vice general manager of Tencent Email.

Travis Witteveen, CEO for Avira

Tencent will use Avira SAVAPI SDK to scan the incoming and outgoing email messages for potential threat, and to block any malware, thus the user will be able to use the service freely and without the fear of being infected.

“Avira software has been localized for Chinese languages since 2010, which demonstrates our commitment to the China market. And our technology has been proven to be able to scale to hundreds of millions of customers, so we were a natural choice for Tencent,” said Travis Witteveen, CEO for Avira.

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