Sophos unveils flexible server protection cross-platform antivirus for virtual and physical servers

Infotech Lead India: Sophos has released a new server antivirus solution that defends data without sacrificing performance.

The latest Sophos Server Protection addresses the growing needs for server protection in today’s growing virtualization scenario. Increased migration to virtual servers and the ever-growing threat of attack on critical data present new challenges to IT professionals.

Sophos Server Protection addresses these challenges by integrating agentless antivirus for vShield and full antivirus clients for Windows, Linux, Mac and UNIX into one centrally managed product.

“Servers need the best protection against malware, but managing that protection while maintaining server performance across a diverse environment has inevitably increased complexity and demands on time,” said John Shaw, vice president of product management, Sophos.

Sophos Server Protection delivers server performance and security. It provides an easy to use management console to assign policies, view alerts and generate reports across platforms. Even licensing, often the bane of IT professionals, is straightforward: one server, one license, any platform.


Sophos Server Protection supports a broad range of server and virtualization platforms, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac, Hyper-V, vSphere/ESX/ESXi and XenServer.

The solution provides proven protection against known and unknown threats, supported by real-time communication with SophosLabs. The Windows client offers additional layers of security, including HIPS, application control and patch assessment.

Another advantage of Sophos Server Protection is that standalone and virtual systems use fewer resources with Sophos Server Protection than with conventional antivirus products.

Agentless scanning via vShield Endpoint prevents scan and update storms, automatically protecting every Windows virtual machine on the host through a centralized virtual security appliance.

Systems without vShield benefit from a full featured client optimized for performance. Advanced features, including HIPS, application control, and device control, are also included for select platforms.

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