Security flaw in MOVEit impacts Ireland’s Dublin airport

A major security flaw in MOVEit has impacted the pay and benefits information of 2,000 employees working for DAA, the operator of Dublin airport in Ireland, the Sunday Times news report said.
MOVEitIreland’s Dublin airport confirmed that a recent cyberattack targeting professional service provider Aon has revealed personal information. DAA’s spokesperson confirmed that the data relating to certain employees’ pay and benefits was exposed as a result of the cyberattack on Aon, a third-party provider.

The attack on Aon was part of a larger incident that affected numerous global companies last month. The cybercriminals exploited a security vulnerability in the file-transfer software tool MOVEit, which is utilized by Aon.

Among the victims of this cyberattack were U.S. government agencies, the UK’s telecommunications regulator, and Shell, a major energy company. The security flaw in Progress Software’s MOVEit product, which was discovered in May, allowed the attackers to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.

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