Russian Govt-Backed Hackers Target U.S. Govt Emails via Microsoft System

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued an emergency directive, uncovering Russian government-backed hackers exploiting access to Microsoft’s email system. According to the directive released on Thursday, the hackers have successfully pilfered correspondence between government officials and the tech giant.
Microsoft storesDated April 2, the directive sounded an urgent alarm, cautioning that the hackers utilized authentication details obtained from emails to infiltrate Microsoft’s customer systems. The targets extend to an unspecified number of government agencies, raising significant concerns over national cybersecurity.

This disclosure follows Microsoft’s admission in March that it was grappling with persistent intrusions by hackers dubbed “Midnight Blizzard.” The cybersecurity industry was sent into a frenzy by this revelation, prompting heightened scrutiny.

Last week, the U.S. Cyber Safety Review Board attributed a separate hack to China, underscoring the preventable nature of the breach. The report criticized Microsoft for security oversights and a lack of transparency.

Despite the gravity of the situation, CISA refrained from naming the specific government agencies impacted. Microsoft, in response, assured cooperation in investigating and mitigating the breach. The company stated it was collaborating with CISA on an emergency directive to guide affected government entities through the crisis.

The Russian Embassy in Washington, known for denying involvement in hacking campaigns, has yet to respond to requests for comment on these allegations, Reuters news report said.

In a broader warning, CISA cautioned that the hackers might have also targeted non-governmental organizations. “Other organizations may also have been impacted by the exfiltration of Microsoft corporate email,” CISA stated, urging affected parties to reach out to Microsoft for further assistance. News Desk

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