Oracle launches Identity Management 11g Release 2 for Indian enterprises



Infotech Lead India: Oracle has unveiled Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2.

The increased focus on enterprise security market will address the needs of next generation enterprises looking to securely embrace cloud, mobile and social infrastructures.

Oracle helps organizations develop and implement a comprehensive security strategy.

In India, Oracle is focusing on sectors like telecom, BFSI and Government.

“Organizations today, while recognizing the need for an end-to-end security solution, fail to look at security comprehensively until they’ve had a security breach. It is only at such time that they realize the importance of having a security strategy in place,” said Sundar Ram Gopalakrishnan, VP – Technology, APAC, Oracle.

End-to-end Oracle security solutions offer the lowest TCO and comprehensive security. Organizations can leverage Oracle solutions to not only meet their compliance needs but also to securely centralize and streamline IT infrastructure, data, applications and identity management.

According to the recent Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) Data Security Survey undertaken amongst database and information security professionals, organizations are inadequately protecting sensitive data and database infrastructure.

Another study found that 48 percent of breaches were caused by insiders. 92 percent of stolen records are from database servers, 89 percent of records were stolen with simple SQL injection attacks and a whopping 86 percent of attacks were due to lost or stolen credentials.

Oracle Advanced Security and Oracle Database Vault provide encryption and access controls to prevent account misuse from outside or inside the Oracle database. Oracle Audit Vault and Oracle Database Firewall provide detailed audit and monitoring capabilities, including the ability to monitor both Oracle and non-Oracle databases and prevent SQL injection attacks from reaching the database.

Oracle also offers complete, best-of-breed identity management solutions that enable enterprises to secure critical applications and sensitive data, lower operational costs, and comply with regulatory requirements.

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