NEC, Unisys jointly offer facial comparison technology for JFK airport


NEC Corporation is working with Unisys to provide the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with facial comparison technology at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

This move is expected to enhance the Air Entry process through accurate assurance of traveler identity.

The goal is to accurately verify who arrives in the U.S., while also enhancing border security and facilitating travel.

Unisys has integrated NEC’s NeoFace Match facial recognition software into its overall solution.

CBP continues to provide innovative technologies to enhance the Homeland while facilitating international travel.

NEC‘s facial matching technology will be used to compare the image taken during the normal inspection process to the image stored on the traveler’s e-Passport.

The initial deployment will apply to first time Visa Waiver Program (VWP) travelers and returning U.S. citizens with e-Passports.

“Recent successful tests in high traffic security screening venues proved the ability of the system to efficiently and accurately perform one-to-one facial image comparisons,” said Amy Rall, group vice president for the Department of Homeland Security practice at Unisys Federal.

“This solution of NEC facial recognition technology can help make the country safer without disrupting travel or sacrificing travelers’ privacy.”

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