McAfee signs $12 million contract with Department of Homeland Security

Infotech Lead America: McAfee has won a contract from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with a potential value of up to $12 million.

Under the multi-year Enterprise Level Agreement contract, McAfee intends to provide DHS with a broad variety of enterprise wide network and system security support, products, and services.

“This deal is a reflection of the advanced level of collaboration that is going on within the Department of Homeland Security,” said McAfee Regional Director for Federal Civilian Sales James Yeager.

McAfee has served DHS since the department’s inception in 2003.

McAfee said DHS is leading the way in terms of how a government agency can collaborate internally in order to craft a holistic, enterprise-wide approach to security, rather than a patchwork, which can leave agencies spending too much for what is ultimately substandard protection.

In addition to expanding and extending DHS’s continuous monitoring and security capabilities, the deal will provide the department with an enterprise-wide framework to meet current and future security requirements, as well as significant short- and long-term savings on maintenance.

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