McAfee announces Security Connected framework

McAfee today announced Security Connected framework as part of its strategy to assist enterprises and government agencies to strengthen their network protection.

McAfee Security Connected framework will assist enterprises because the Intel-owned company is delivering a framework that brings network and endpoint together through centralized management and that integrates with both global and local threat intelligence to deliver visibility across all threat vectors.

As part of its Security Connected framework, McAfee network security products and services work together to safeguard businesses from advanced attacks. The main highlight will be integrated solutions, built-in intelligence and advanced management offered with an extensible architecture for partners.

McAfee said these solutions integrate with endpoint security to share real-time information, threat intelligence and workflows to strengthen an organization’s defenses.

Pat Calhoun, general manager of network security at McAfee, part of Intel Security, said: “The advanced attacks that we’re seeing today happen far too quickly and can easily overwhelm security products that are operating solo.”

McAfee’s integrated network protection technologies include McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, McAfee Network Intrusion Prevention, and McAfee Next Generation Firewall.

A recent McAfee report outlined the role of advanced evasion techniques in Advanced Persistent Threats, and the high cost to organizations worldwide to deal with the clean-up and impact of these techniques.

Andreas Schreiber, chief business development officer at RWTH Aachen University, said: “McAfee Next Generation Firewall guarantees both optimal protection and high availability—and with a price performance ratio suitable for a public institution. With McAfee Next Generation Firewall, RWTH is well equipped for the future.”

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