Lupin deploys Trend Micro cybersecurity solutions

Trend Micro
Pharmaceutical company Lupin has deployed cybersecurity solutions from Trend Micro to ensure security across data centers, endpoints, email and networks.

Lupin CIO Mayur Danait and Lupin CISO Saurabh Kaushik are happy after seeing the result from the deployment of Trend Micro security solutions.

“Trend Micro has increased security by reducing the risk of data breaches. The virtualized environment has streamlined administration, without compromising security,” said Mayur Danait, CIO of Lupin.

Saurabh Kaushik, CISO of Lupin, said: “Trend Micro’s capabilities like virtual patching that shields from vulnerabilities without leading to do emergency patching, and employing cross-generational techniques like machine learning used to detect advanced malware are a big benefit to our organization.”

Trend Micro, as per the cybersecurity deal, will ensure security coverage to 300 plus servers, 20,000 plus mailboxes, VMware and Microsoft Office 365.

Trend Micro said its security solution will safeguard critical applications in its data centers. In addition, Trend Micro will offer protection of email on Microsoft Office 365 against advanced attacks.

Trend Micro will protect more than 300 servers running on multiple operating systems. Lupin will also be protected from targeted attacks, advanced threats, and ransomware across the IT network.

Trend Micro deployed its security solution in two phases. Lupin, in the first phase, deployed Deep Security in a hybrid environment for robust capabilities for physical, virtual, and cloud servers, in one integrated platform. Lupin, in the second phase, deployed Smart Protection Complete and Deep Discovery Inspector.

Lupin used Cloud App Security to secure more than 20,000 mailboxes operating on Office 365.

“Our Deep Security supports legacy operating systems, providing seamless integration for VMware deployments, and integrates with multi-cloud players, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform service,” Nilesh Jain, vice president – South East Asia and India, Trend Micro.

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