Kaspersky Lab adds new features to mobile security solution

Infotech Lead India: Kaspersky Lab, a developer of security and threat management solutions, has added new features to Kaspersky Mobile Security.

These new features are aimed at assisting in the protection of data residing on lost or stolen smartphones and the recovery of missing devices.

Kaspersky Lab claims that through its new web-based control center, users can access all Kaspersky Lab security features for their Android smartphone. The interface can be managed from any computer and provides the ability to swiftly protect any banking information, contacts, photos or other personal information saved on the device.

According to O+K, a research firm, nearly 20 percent of smartphone owners will at some point lose their device, either through theft, misplacing or accidentally leaving it behind somewhere.

“With high-end smartphones retailing for more than $600, and the value of the data on devices often worth even more to owners and cybercriminals, Kaspersky Mobile Security provides Android users with peace of mind knowing that they can protect personal data, not only from the latest viruses and malware threats, but also from theft or loss of the device itself,” said Peter Beardmore, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky claims that its Mugshot enables owners of lost or stolen Android smartphones to visually identify the unauthorized use of their devices. With the click of a mouse in the web-based control center, users can remotely activate the front-facing camera on their missing smartphone, and the device will secretly begin taking photos. These photos are then automatically emailed to a pre-determined address or can be viewed directly through the web-based control center.

If the smartphone has been stolen, the Mugshot tool gives users the opportunity to identify the thief, or if the smartphone is simply missing, users can recognize the phone’s surroundings to track it down.

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