Kaspersky expands security product portfolio


Kaspersky expanded its enterprise security product portfolio adding kaspersky anti targeted attack platform and a range of security intelligence services.

The first offering is a highly sophisticated solution designed to detect targeted attack and the second includes penetration testing, cybersecurity training and threat intelligence sharing.

According to the company, the anti targeted attack platform enables businesses to detect targeted attacks and other malicious actions through the careful monitoring of network activity, including web and e-mail.

It uses network and endpoint sensors and kaspersky sandbox technology to detect abnormal and potentially malicious activity.

At the same time, kaspersky security intelligence services comprise three areas and are designed to meet the most frequent demands of large organizations, governmental agencies, isps, telecoms and managed security service providers.

The three areas are security assessment, cybersecurity training and threat intelligence.  Security assessment services include penetration testing and application security assessment. Cybersecurity training includes awareness program for workforce and digital forensics and malware analysis/reverse engineering training.

Threat Intelligence comprises Threat Data Feeds and Botnet Tracking. Threat Data Feeds include prompt information on malicious programs and URLs, phishing attacks and mobile threats, and are compatible with popular third-party SIEM solutions.

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