IT decision makers say organization is vulnerable to insider threats

87 percent of Japanese and 84 percent of ASEAN IT decision makers (ITDMs) feel their organization is vulnerable to insider threats, said Vormetric report.

The survey was conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of Vormetric among 818 ITDMs in various countries including 102 each in Japan and ASEAN.

ASEAN with 48 percent has the highest rate of data breaches and audit failures, US has 44 percent and then Japan with 29 percent.

US with 45 percent is very or extremely vulnerable to insider threats and Japan with 17 percent followed by ASEAN 33 percent.

Insider Threat Report (ITR) by Vormetric also asked the ITDMs about the top locations at risk for loss of sensitive data, Japan said  mobiles phones is at the top with 58 percent and then comes PCs and workstations, 47 percent.

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Whereas, ASEAN has different view and feels file servers is risky for data loss 50 percent and databases with 45 percent and US feels cloud environments is more uncomfortable then databases for data loss with 46 percent and 37 percent respectively.

With 56 percent ordinary employees and 52 percent contractors/Service provider employees Japan ITDMs says these types of employees are mostly at risk.

On the contrary ASEAN and US feels 62 percent and 59 percent of privileged users and 60 percent and 51 percent of partners with internal access respectively are also at risk.

The report says 64 percent of ASEAN are spending to secure its data whereas US and Japan IT Security spending to offset threats to data over the next 12 months is 62 percent and 27 percent respectively.

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