IBM Consulting and Palo Alto Networks expand cybersecurity deal

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IBM Consulting and Palo Alto Networks have announced an extension of their strategic partnership, aiming to bolster end-to-end enterprise security and accelerate cloud transformation.

In response to the escalating speed and scale of cybersecurity threats, the collaboration positions Palo Alto Networks as a select strategic partner for IBM Consulting, while IBM Consulting becomes a premier security services partner for Palo Alto Networks.

The partnership builds on the recent announcement of IBM X-Force collaborating with Palo Alto Networks to enhance capabilities with the Cortex product portfolio.

In a landscape where cybersecurity is critical to organizational survival, the expanded partnership focuses on integrating best-of-breed AI, security technology, and consulting expertise from both companies. The goal is to empower clients with a robust security program capable of adapting and scaling against evolving threats.

The collaboration’s initial focus revolves around two key areas: modernizing security operations and securing cloud transformations. The first offering combines IBM Consulting Cybersecurity Services with Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex platform, delivering autonomous and advanced managed security operations. Leveraging advanced AI and automation, the joint solution provides 24×7 monitoring, investigation, and automated remediation of security alerts, along with continuous improvement in cyber threat intelligence, threat hunting, and risk reduction.

Additionally, the partnership aims to accelerate clients’ cloud journey by combining Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks with IBM Consulting services. This includes security posture assessments, secure application development, implementation, and ongoing protection and investigation services. The collaboration builds on IBM Consulting’s ecosystem approach, fostering collaboration with industry-leading partners to secure hybrid cloud transformations.

As organizations increasingly face existential risks due to cybersecurity threats, the extended partnership strives to equip clients with industry-leading, AI-powered solutions, cloud security, and services. The collaboration’s comprehensive approach addresses the dynamic and ever-changing threat landscape, offering clients a robust defense against evolving cyber threats.


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