IBM brings new security software and services to prevent attacks

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today introduced new security software and services — IBM Threat Protection System – that can prevent attacks before damages.

IBM said its new Threat Protection System leverages security intelligence and behavioral analytics to go beyond traditional signature-based defenses and firewalls to disrupt attacks across the entire attack chain — from break-in to exfiltrate.

The IBM Threat Protection System includes an end-to-end architecture of analytic and forensics software that helps organizations continuously prevent, detect and respond to ongoing and sophisticated cyber attacks, and in some cases, eliminate the threat before the damage has occurred.

For prevention, IBM is announcing a new Trusteer Apex solution for endpoint malware blocking, significant enhancements to the IBM Network Protection appliance for quarantining against attacks and new integrations with key partners’ network sandbox capabilities.

For detection, IBM is enhancing its QRadar Security Intelligence platform with new capabilities – allowing organizations to detect attacks at new scale and actively block exploits with a click.

For response, IBM is introducing IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics. IBM also continues to expand its emergency response services globally.

A health care provider with thousands of endpoints immediately found dozens of instances of malware present, despite their use of many more traditional security tools. This malicious code could be used to remote control endpoints or exfiltrate data, but instead was instantly disabled.

A large European bank recently tried this capability and was able to disable undetected malware across the enterprise.

Recently, IBM began providing external vulnerability scanning and expert hotline support services to AIG’s CyberEdge insureds.

“We look forward to IBM continuing to build on its unique ability to combine market-leading software, services, research capabilities and industry partnerships to counter the momentum of sophisticated attacks,” said Tracie Grella, head of Professional Liability, Global Financial Lines at AIG.

The new security consulting services announced today are based on IBM’s unique Data Centric Security Model, under which IBM deploys assets from Guardium, StoredIQ and IBM Research to help protect this business critical information.

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