Guard yourself with Trend Micro during FIFA World Cup 2014

Security software developer Trend Micro has created an online resource to provide FIFA World Cup 2014 fans and attendees with tools to protect themselves from cyber criminals.

In a statement, Trend Micro said information about these threats will be provided to the public via the online resource center to help protect World Cup fans against cybercriminals.


The resource center offers the most current information on the latest threats detected by Trend Micro’s threat defense experts and includes tips on what to avoid when receiving World Cup related offers, purchasing merchandise, email threats and malware disguised as videos or news stories.

The resource center also offers free software to help protect your computer or mobile device from malware and other threats

“Our objective is to help ensure the world will not have its virtual pockets picked by cybercriminals,” said Dhanya Thakkar, managing director, Trend Micro.

Another feature of the security resource center is a quiz helping visitors determine what kind of sports fan they are and what online threats they are most likely to encounter based on a profile developed through the quiz.

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