Gemalto provides secure mobile identity for online mobile services

Digital security provider Gemalto announced their LinqUsmobile ID platform ready for commercial launch.

This new LinqUsmobile ID, designed as per the guidelines of GSMA, lets mobile operators provide single means of authentication for online services from any mobile. The online connection procedure will now be made simple and straightforward as compared to old lengthy frustrating process.

Gemalto also introduced the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that offers a mobile ID solution that consists of three features namely simple login for e-merchants and consumers, transaction validation with authentication for banks and digital signatures for government enterprises.

The platform takes care of most of the security problems reducing forgery and fraud. Thus online service providers can streamline their business by exploring new revenue streams, Gemalto said.

Gemalto ID solution is suitable for any handset and can be easily installed and secured by an authentication server. Operators can demand further infrastructure enhancement for their clients by leveraging Gemalto’s SaaS mode for speeding up time-to-market procedures.

Nowadays, operators are keen to go with digital identity management as it provides them with a chance to strengthen the brand, becoming ID providers. This ID solution leverages key assets and enables handset qualification process to attain highest level of security.

Tan Teck-Lee, executive vice-president, Platforms and Services, Gemalto said that strong mobile authentication is an example of unique security offered by the company which builds client-server trust infrastructures that lasts forever.

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