Fortinet offers cloud security support for Microsoft Azure

Network security solutions provider Fortinet announced their cloud platform offering secure access support to Microsoft Azure platform.

As organizations are shifting their prime applications to cloud, securing access to sensitive applications is a major concern.

With Fortinet cloud platform, customers will get the benefit of a secure VPN access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud solutions by leveraging Fortinet’s multi-layered security technology, Fortinet said.

Microsoft Azure

The scalability and performance of Microsoft cloud services make this tie-up a wise decision for customers who want to leverage the cloud continuing with the existing infrastructure.

Fortinet security solutions support VPN access to Microsoft network service and thus allow organizations create a secure tunnel linking on premise connections and cloud environment. Fortinet maintains a single-pane-of-glass approach and manages delivery of infrastructure in a centralized way.

Fortinet’s firewall solution in effect extends on-premise data centers to the cloud ensuring secure VPN access to customers, the company said.

Microsoft Azure is growing steadily with 57 percent enterprise customers and by 2014 they are aiming to grow to 35 percent in enterprise cloud computing market.

Rajesh Mourya, country manager, India and SAARC for Fortinet, said that Microsoft Azure is the ultimate solution for enterprises that are in need of extended IT services. Fortinet will work in collaboration with Microsoft to yield high level security demanded by companies from cloud computing technology, he added.

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