Firms should look into security implications of digital workplace

Gartner predicts that by 2018, 25 percent of large companies will come up with an explicit strategy to create a consumer computing experience in their corporate environment.

Security organizations that fail to change strategies to meet the requirements of consumerized workforce will be sidelined by engaged companies.

Digital literacy among employees has given rise to a consumerization movement involving maximum number of employees who make use of consumer related apps for business promotion, Gartner said in its report, “Prepare for the Security Implications of the Digital Workplace.”

With a change in workplace trend shifting more towards IT strategies, emphasis given on digital workplace security approaches should also be rechecked.

In a fully consumerised work environment information layer is the basic infrastructure focal area for security control pointing towards the necessity of information focused security strategy. The sheer volume of devices and access vectors along with increase in sophisticated attack methods and threats make old methods of prevention really ineffective. Companies have to increase investment in context based monitoring and security information analytics in future.

Users are given more freedom while using technology and information and this means high level of trust is a factor expected from users while dealing with such information resources. This also includes just-in-time security awareness strategy which remediates or rewards the user accordingly.

Effective behaviour management can be achieved by an educational program focused on behavioural outcomes and security leaders should have the skill to associate with concerned managers to modify job descriptions and reward mechanisms.

People Centric Security, PCS is based on a set of key of principles and describes the rights and responsibilities of employees. These rights are based on the formula that if an individual is inefficient to fulfil the responsibilities he will be subject to sanction. It is compulsory for the impact of digital workplace to be properly risk-assessed and the security team must help the owners to assess potential impact of the risks.

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